Welcome to my website, Just a little about what i do for those that don't know me .
I am a UFO and paranormal investigator and i have been researching these subjects since 1965.I had my first ufo sighting at the age of 5 and i have run paranormal clubs, given lectures and organised meetings for many years .I have travelled all over the country interviewing people who have had UFO sightings or ghostly experiences and have taken part in several televised documentaries. I have been a regular contributor to several UFO magazines  and have written two ghost books and three on UFO's .  one ( skycrash )  which i co authored and which subsequently became a bestseller on the Rendlesham incident of December 1980. I have also written many accounts of my own experiences and I am an award winning poetry writer .
  I have been visiting Rendlesham forest since 1979 investigating the UFO's seen the year previous to the main incident which i was told about on the 31st of December 1980 .I was the first researcher on the scene and have been trying to find the truth about what happened ever since.
 I visit the forest regularly ( at least once a week ) and take interested people and parties around , there is still  lots going on and people regularly contact me with their sightings
 I hope you enjoy my pictures and videos and the documents which will help you to understand the  1980 incident .

                thank you for visiting ,  Brenda Butler .